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Cayman Maps offers businesses of Grand Cayman the best and easiest way to get seen by their customers because this isn’t just another publication, it’s a tool used by every visitor.

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Why Cayman Maps?

Look, we get it.  When you’re in business you need customers.  And after 2 years of the borders being closed now is the time to ramp up and make up for lost time.  Your goal right now is getting customers through your doors, on your boats, or in your seats.  We realize you have a lot of marketing options, but here’s why Cayman Maps will make your advertising dollars go farther. Cayman Maps are one of a kind.   Our map is the only stand alone map available in Grand Cayman which means as soon as someone lands by sea or air they are picking up one of our maps to help them navigate the island.  We print over 120,000 copies of the map each year and distribute it at over 100 locations on island easy for everyone to pick up and keep in their pocket, glovebox, backpack, or purse.  People don’t carry around heavy magazines, they cary our map!  Which puts their eyes on your ad over and over again throughout their stay.

Doing Things Differently

This year we are changing our format and updating our look!  Demand for our map kicked up as soon as the borders started opening and it was clear that this map is essential for everyone who is visiting Grand Cayman.  This year we decided to update our look and make space for as many local businesses as possible.   We know the pandemic was hard for everyone and this is our way of helping as many local businesses get the best exposure to their customers as they can.



One flat rate keeps it easy!

Put Your Business on the Map

Each of our ad spaces is the same size which keeps the aesthetics of the map nice for the viewers and keeps the price easy for our advertisers.  

$3,000 KYD

What You Get

More than just map space!

Ad Space + Icon

Along with the purchased ad space you will get an icon/logo placed on the map drawing in the location of your business.

Website Backlinks

Our website is SEO’d and we will link back to your company’s URL to create backlinks that help your site rankings and SEO.

Social Media

We are building our new Instagram & Facebook pages more robustly, utilizing posts, stories & reels to showcase our customers.

Year Established

distribution locations

Copies distributed annually

Still on the Fence?

We get it!  For some businesses these kinds of investments can be difficult to pay all at one time.  You want to put your business the map and have your company be seen by nearly every visitor to Grand Cayman, have your business on our website, and be part of our social media, and we want to make that possible for you. Choose our payment plan option: With a signed advertising contract we will spilt the payment over 3 months with $1,000 for the first month and the rest split over the following 2 months. 

Payment Plan Options:

Price – $3,000
1st Payment (Sept.) – $1,000
2nd Payment (Oct.) – $1,000
3rd Payment (Nov.) – $1,000


“I love how easy the map is to carry, open, and read.”

-Lisha Watling, Cayman Kayaks

“The Illustrations are my favorite part!”

-Donovon Kellyman, Parcel 110

“Emmy is great to work with.  I’m glad to see the map coming back!”

-Gregg Arnold, Rainbow Realty

Cayman Maps Current Clients

Let’s Do This!

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