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The Mission

“Our mission is to connect visitors and locals with the vibrant and captivating beauty of Grand Cayman.”

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Cayman Maps 2024 Map Cover

The Map

Through our meticulously hand-illustrated maps, we provide a navigational tool that not only guides but also inspires exploration. We showcase the island’s remarkable offerings and promote local businesses by offering advertising space that captures the attention of our map users. By blending functionality and artistry, we aim to enhance the experience of navigating Grand Cayman while fostering a deeper appreciation for its unique landmarks, attractions, and hidden gems.


The Numbers






The Flat Rate




All ads on our map are the same size. By doing this we achieve a visually pleasing, clean layout, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the piece. This contributes to a sense of design unity and organization offering a polished and professional look. Ad space uniformity ensures that readers can easily view and engage with the ads without any distractions.

The Offer


Ad Space + Icon

Along with the purchased ad space you will get an icon/logo placed on the map drawing in the location of your business.

Website Backlinks

Our website is SEO’d and we will link back to your company’s URL to create backlinks that help your site rankings and SEO.

Social Media

We are building our new Instagram & Facebook pages more robustly to showcase our customers.

The Partners

The Testimonies

“I love how easy the map is to carry, open, and read.”

-Lisha Watling, Cayman Kayaks

“The Illustrations are my favorite part!”

-Donovon Kellyman, Parcel 110

“Emmy is great to work with.  I’m glad to see the map coming back!”

-Gregg Arnold, Rainbow Realty

The Reservation 

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